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Stanley Fatmax 10m/33″ Metric/Imperial Tape Measure


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The Stanley FatMax® Next Generation Tape has a compact twin-core mechanism that enables an ultra-compact package without compromise. An advanced metal dual return spring allows for a reduction in overall size, while retaining maximum strength and performance. 3-shot reinforced, high-impact housing that incorporates an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold, easier to handle and use. The MAXSHIELD™ protective blade coating provides 20x the abrasion resistance when compared to lacquer coatings. With 15cm of BladeArmor®, 2x the normal length, and 4m of blade straight stand-out for greater reach and efficiency. With reduced sag for easier hooking at length. There is also a lanyard tether, which reduces the risk of dropping when working at height. Accuracy: EC Class II
This Stanley Tools FatMax® Next Generation Tape has metric and imperial graduations. Specification: Blade Length: 10m/33ft Blade Width: 32mm Accuracy: EC Class II