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Pest Expert Formula ‘B+’ Advanced Rat & Mouse killer – 150g


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Formula ‘B’ Rat & Mouse Poison Paste Bait is a maximum strength rodenticide supplied in easy-to-use 10g sachets for the rapid control of rats and mice both indoors and outdoors. Maximum strength Brodifacoum Fast-acting advanced formulation Highly palatable to rats and mice Unique attractants increase bait uptake Easy-to-use 10g sachets Product Information Formula ‘B’ Paste Bait contains maximum strength Brodifacoum (0.0029%) – a single-feed anticoagulant with immediate results for fast and effective rodent control. The unique blend of ingredients creates a highly palatable formulation which is irresistible to rats and mice, with added attractants to increase bait uptake. In addition, the oil scented compounds in the paste help retain moisture and freshness, keeping the bait palatable for longer, and encouraging feeding in areas where water is not otherwise available. Recent studies found Formula ‘B’ Paste Bait to be 7-8 times more palatable to rodents than food found in grain stores, stables and residential areas. This makes it especially suitable for use in places where there is an alternative food source, and where control with other poisons has failed through low uptake. Contains Bitrex – a bittering agent that makes the poison unpalatable to children. Contains 15 Satchets