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Lolita Coin Purse – “Little Shadows” Collection


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This stylish coin purse is new for 2017 and comes from the dark and twisted minds of our own fantastic in-house design team. Wearing a black and pink corset, fishnet gloves, a red and black ruffled skirt, thigh-high socks and black boots that almost come up to the knee, this fairy looks calmly towards you as she leans on a large patterned skull. Her wings are up behind her, fading from green to pink, while a small black crown with a skull on it sits on top of her head. A heart tattoo is clearly visible on her shoulder, while behind her a full moon sits in a violet sky, shining through a dark enchanted forest. The purse obverse has the skull looking directly at you on a red vine-patterned background. More detail can be seen – not just the pink teeth, nose highlights, roses and ace of spades symbol on the forehead, but also the carved flowers and baroque swirls covering it. Held firmly closed with a metal clasp, this purse is the perfect gift for those who appreciate a little darkness in their lives.